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The newest Gurdjieff Enneagram, just like the demonstrated to Ouspensky, is formed from this statistically feminine process:

If the Gurdjieff got got access to the fresh maxims out-of Vortex Mathematics as presented by the ), he may have elaborated then into Enneagram as well as found the latest mathematical derivation by the Vortex Mathematics out-of «This new Nirioonossian-World-Sound» because the explained in the Rules of Heptaparaparshinokh, Ch 40: «being just that voice, the latest vibration from which was obtained from ancient times – and even at the present time here, has been pulled, it is a fact, having an extremely small number of the favorites, naturally, associated with the exact same Asia – because of their voice-creating instruments due to the fact ‘absolute vibrations’ of note ‘do’.»

One to dancer around is a great pivot area towards the almost every other dancer who’s gone regarding point-on the proper so you can a place toward kept to the remaining performer to be the brand new rotate point for another place

This is the Gurdjieff Enneagram with all you are able to contours found contained in this it during the red and eco-friendly towards the cards assigned:

In my first lecture: «The answer to Soul Is in the Lost Stopinder regarding Food Octave», We ignore the interior vector lines and rehearse only the cards therefore the triangle of one’s Enneagram to prove one a compound was missing within ‘la’ regarding Dining Octave in Chapter 39 regarding «Beelzebub’s Reports to help you Their Grandson» and conjecture just what this substance was.

You to definitely creator, Richard J. Defouw, inside the book: «Brand new Enneagram in the Website out of Gurdjieff» (Amazon), are mostly of the you to definitely recognized the new missing material ‘la’, outlines to display you to definitely ‘la’ are intentionally omitted within the purchase to exhibit the experience of vectors throughout the Enneagram. He supporting that it because of the indicating one Beelzebub’s six «Voyages on the Environment» or any other procedure where guide follow the Enneagram buy, though he agrees that Enneagram was not explicitly mentioned. His interpretation of your own Enneagram process wil attract even in the event I think you to definitely my services of your forgotten ‘la’ is a lot easier.

With the webpage 78, Richard shows a chart off performers performing a beneficial «par de deux»

I was intrigued by which and you may oriented the following cartoon and that comes after the fresh new soul away from Richard’s drawing off half dozen expertise. To the dancers I utilized the angel in addition to demon away from the brand new coverage style of the latest prospectus to your Gurdjieff Institute (1919). Commercially, the new angel is meant to portray new inactive force and devil this new productive force; within my contour they are swapping natures at the same time. The fresh new devil and the angel pull both in the system. On the moving I reveal brand new angel strolling off ‘la’ in order to ‘ti’ to allow for the situation of your missing condition ‘la’ in the Food s satisfy the author’s.

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