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Things to know if having sex with a Scorpio

The sexy stingers of the zodiac signs are known to be one of the most attractive zodiacs. Rulers of the 8 th house of transformations, they dictate Cycles of deaths, rebirth, sexual relationships and karmic debt. The passionate, fiery and mysterious nature of the Scorpio has a lot to do with the house they dictate.

The eighth house in astrology rules over the spiritual aspects of sex. It sees sex as an instrument for entering the higher planes and transcending one’s individual existence. The climax is a recreation of death. Astrologers always remain puzzled and fascinated by the eighth house due to its associations with rebirth, spiritual sex, mystery and magic. The sexual nature of Scorpio reflects that effectively. They are one of the most sexually aware signs, who view intercourse very intensely. Here are some things know about sex with a Scorpio.

Who are sexually compatible with Scorpio?

One of the foremost things to know about sex with a Scorpio is who they are compatible with. Not everyone has the capability or the willingness to match the intensity they bring to the bedroom. A lot of signs are unable to match up the intense needs of a Scorpio and their fiery desires. They have a strong desire to experiment and everyone is simply not that open minded.

A fellow Scorpio will bring out the best in the bedroom. They both will perfectly match each other’s intensity and really make it an ecstatic experience for both. Pisces are just as spiritually stimulated as Scorpios, they both understand and love the spiritual aspect of sex and are hence perfectly compatible sexually. On the other hand, Capricorn or Sagittarius might disappoint them due to how physically concerned they are and not spiritually.

They do not kiss and tell

Scorpio is an incredibly private sign. They keep their matters to themselves and confidentiality is of high value to them. They do not go around advertising their sexual endeavours and encounters. Scorpio is known to hate people who do not maintain confidentiality in a relationship and take the liberty in publicly acknowledging their private matters.

One thing to know about sex with Scorpio is to maintain the sanctity of the relationship and its privacy. Do not go around treating sex with them as a trophy you put on display, they do not appreciate it. They hold onto intimate information to themselves and expect the same respect and discretion from their partners.

They have an endless sex drive

Every zodiac sign is associated with a particular part of the body as the area they dictate, in the case of the Scorpio they are the genitals. Safe to say, they have an almost feisty sex drive. They have an active libido and are willing to get it on whenever their partners are. However, if there is a conflict brewing case they will barely respond to sexual cues.

It is one way to know that they are angry with their partners, their refusal to get it on. They love making love and will always be happy to do it, in fact they crave it. Scorpios do not ever get tired or bored; as long as eurodate reviews their partners are willing they will go on forever. Since they are literally the master of genitals this comes as no surprise. They can tire their partners out but in the most amazing way possible.

They understand sexual cues

One thing to know about sex with a Scorpio is the natural talent they for pleasuring their sexual partners. To begin with they almost have somewhat of a sixth sense when it comes to pleasing their partners. They just seem to know the right places to touch and the right buttons to push to get the other one all riled up. They can pick up on cues immediately and once they get to know one a little bit they can tell what to do and what not to do.

A lot individuals claim that the best sex of their life was with a Scorpio. They can understand a person’s carnal desire better than anyone else and sometimes bring out a side of their partners that they did not know existed. Scorpios bring out the freakiest sides of their partners without even trying hard.

They are picky

Do not expect a Scorpio to simply get on board with the first person they see. Despite a riveting sex drive and a love for sexual encounters, they have incredibly high standards for who they choose to have it with. One thing to know about sex with Scorpio is that they do not simply get on with it. Even when they are attracted to someone, there are certain criteria they have to meet before they can crawl into a Scorpio’s bed.

When they are attracted to someone, they spend a good amount of time getting to know them and connecting with them. They will not act on impulses and take good time to think whether they want to get on with it or not. Scorpios are confident signs who uphold their worth and do not let that go simply for sexual encounters.

They are kinky and experimental

One thing to know about sex with a Scorpio is that do not go into it with the expectation of something vanilla. No one loves sexual experiments as Scorpio does. They are open to everything their partners can think of and often extend their boundaries if they are excited enough. They are an absolute freaks in the sheets and will love to know what the other person can cook up. There is hardly anything they have not tried and do not mind trying more.

They will never judge their partners for their preferences and in fact, will make sure that their fantasies are fulfilled. There is no one as open minded and non-judgmental as a Scorpio when it comes to sexual encounters. Do not ever judge them for having their preferences, nothing turns them off more than that, be welcoming and open because they would do the same.

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